This text is from my arcives. It may be out of date, but I thought it should be preserved.

The program creates a MPEG1/2.
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Requirements GUI: 68020+, MUI 3.x, AmigaOS 2.04? (Tested: 3.1)
Encoder: PPC603, PowerUp (also WarpUp + ppclibemu)

Overview it's a MPEG1/2 encoder with some new features, based on the MPEG-2 Video Encoder, Version 1.2, July 1996 Copyright (c) 1996
MPEG Software Simulation Group E-mail: (author contact)

Supported input types:
-JPEG, 24bit color
-PNM: ppm, 24bit color, format P6
-JST: JStream, containing color pictures

Extra Features:
- (Hopefully) self explained GUI (many Bubble-Helps)
- Scale/Crop the picture before encode

Please read in the Workshop-Section more about the usage.

Disclaimer The GUI is CardWare, also: you have to write me a postcard of your town. (If you really don't have enough money for that, send me an EMail) Use it at your own risk!

1.4 1999-10-22
  • Changed to the source V1.2
1.3 1999-10-16
  • Created a GUI
  • Added JST support
  • Changed the parameter file format
1.2 1999-08-24
  • CHANGES since v1.1a: (original release)
  • Switch to change the source FPS-rate
  • The pictures must have exactly the given name which means, that no extension will be added automatically (except yuv-split)
  • batch-mode: for each pic a program will launched to preprocess the pic
  • builtin JPEG decoder
  • PPM/JPEG-ToolBox: the incoming pic can cropped/scaled
  • PPM and JPEG dimensions are checked

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