This text is from my arcives. It may be out of date, but I thought it should be preserved.

This handler allows you to mount Tar-Archives. (Even g'zipped)
This means work with them like (hard)disks. (Actually read-only)
Archive (29K Bytes)

Requirements 68020+, AmigaOS 2.04? (Tested: 3.1)

Installation Copy the tar-handler to C:

Usage tar-handler FILE/A,DEV,VOL,DEBUG/N/K FILE specifies the tARchive to use (Required) DEV specifies the name of the device (Optional, default: TAR, TAR0, TAR1, ...) VOL specifies the name of the volume (Optional, default: name of the archive) DEBUG Only for advanced users (Optional, see below) To quit the handler, just close all files, free all locks. Then unmount the volume or press CTRL-C.
Do not dismount the volume, use "unmount" (e.g. from the GuruBook).

Known Bugs It's not tested with bad archives -> please be nice.
Notes It's not possible to write. Maybe I'll implement it in future versions. The protection bits are set to RWED for all files/dirs.
The TimeStamp are set to the actual date.
You get information about the group/user in the comment of each file. Use "AddBuffers" to increase the internal buffer for reading and seeking (defualt: 20k). Each buffer has a size of 1k. If you have problems with the handler, switch on the debug-information. To get more informations about the packtes, I do support read the file "packets" in the archive.

Debug There are some levels of debug information: Level 0: only warnings on bad tARchives (default)
Level 1: informations on packets, I don't support (except READ/WRITE/SEEK)
Level 2: information on ALL packets (except READ/WRITE/SEEK)
Level 3: information on read accesses to the archive
Level 4: information on ALL read accesses

Disclaimer The program is CardWare, also: you have to write me a postcard of your town. (If you really don't have enough money for that, send me an EMail) Use it at your own risk!

V1.1 1999-05-18 Corrected the Info-Packets
V1.0 1999-05-17 First Release

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