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C64: 512k RAM/Module Expansion

Last weekend I’ve finished my first CPLD experiment, which (of course) was an project for the C64. This small extension is a GeoRAM compatible RAM extension or a EasyFlash like extension. It’s possible to switch between them via software. In other words you can use it as pure ram or load cartridges in the ram and play (instead of burning eprom modules).

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New Multiprommer Firmware


  • The files loaded/saved don’t have an load address anymore!
  • Simple file browser (cmd compatible)
  • Keys reassigned (now matches the function)
  • Layout optimized
  • Help screen added
  • Removed the “Modulgenerator”
  • SMON or Multimonitor – your choice

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C64 Reset using the Restore key

With this small device you can reset your C64 by holding the Restore key down by 2 seconds.

All you need is an ATtiny and a little more, the price should be less than 2 EURO in total.

Code/Docs: C64 Reset by Restore

Updated 2017-09-09: Hold the restore key longer to perform a second reset.