Easy Currency FAQ

This text is from my arcives. It may be out of date, but I thought it should be preserved.

Can you please add also my currency?

The short answer is No.
The reason is that the list is not mine and
that's why I cannot change it. But you can add your own currency.

How do the input work?

Since version 1.2 two different input models are available.

  • live input: after each key you've pressed
    the value will be updated. (default since 1.2)
  • input box: it's a regular input box, the conversion
    take place after pressing return. (the only existing model below 1.2)

The input model can be selected in the preferences. (Checkmark behind "Old Input")

How do the 'live input' work?

That's simple: just enter a value, and while you're typing the result will be displayed.
By entering a three letter code you can change the current currency. (e.g. EUR)
After RETURN or EQUAL (=) the value will be overweitten with the next input. ESC clears the field immediate.
TAB changes betrween the input fields (do not work correct in a browser)

How do the 'input box' work?

That's simple: just enter a value in a field of your choice and press enter.
All characters, in the number, except digits (0-9) and the decimal point (comma, point or space, depending on your settings) will be ignored.
Additional to the number you can enter one or two three letter codes to change the currencies.
E.g. "10EUR=USD" will calculate how much U.S. Dollars are 10 Euros.
Also possible: "10EUR" and "10=USD" to change only one currency.

How can I add a custom currency?

That's simple: go to the prefs, and scroll in the left box with all the currencies
to the bottom. There you can enter your currency: The name, a three letter code (which must have three
leters and not "XXX") and the ratio to any other known currency.

Is there an auto update?

Easy Currency tries to download the latest rates each day from the server.
It does that only if the Widget is shown. (or if it's running in a browser)
In the file with the rates is also an information, if a new version of EC is available.
(You will be notified - no automatic installation)

What's about security?

Easy Currency do not alter/create/delete any file on your systen.
And it's reading only the files which came with it. There is no access to your system, outside the Widget's directory.

More informations?

Here you'll find more informations, for example how
to use it in a browser...

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