Vice 3.0 Mac OS X

I’ve compiled vice which is now compatible with 10.9+.
The official build is only compatible to 10.12.

In order to compile it on my system (10.11) I did:

  • Install Xcode and command line utilities
  • Download a 10.9 SDK: Old SDKs
  • Patch the build file: remove the “clang workarounds for now” (line 198-201) of file “”
  • Start the build tool: DEV_BASES=/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/ /Users/alx/Develop/Vice/vice-3.0/build/macosx/ x86_64 10.9 clang cocoa dmg

Vice-macosx-cocoa-x86 64-10.9-clang (29.1 MiB, 4. January 2017)

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