New Vectrex Game: P1X3L-pushr

screenshotIt took some while but here is the new Vectrex game “P1X3L-pushr”, which is a remake of our own C64 game. The game was created for the Coding Compo at the DoReCo-Party 2013. Sorry that it took that long to make it public.

This is our first Vectrex release and my first steps on the 6809, which seems a great processor.

The archive includes not only the rom file but also the full source – have fun with it!

Since I don’t own an actual Vectrex it’s (almost) only be tested on an emulator. I’m open for suggestions but mostly for upcoming work since this game is done – but feel free to improve it yourself.

Vectrex-P1X3L-pushr (9.3 KiB, 4. January 2014)

Update: Here is an improved version.

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