TextWrangler remote control

Do you ever wanted to open a file while logged in a remote server via ssh on your local TextWrangler/BBEdit? Now that’s possible!

TextWrangler/BBEdit can open files per sftp (via ssh). This set of tools allows it you to launch edit on a remote server, but your local TextWrangler/BBEdit opens the file.

Get it here: TextWrangler remote control

BBEdit: I haven’t tested it, but it should also work. (I do not own BBEdit)

6 Responses to “TextWrangler remote control”

  • I’m trying to set this up but get the error permission denied when trying to run /edit-server.c

    I also get the same error from edit-ssh.sh


  • @iHuman:
    the edit-server.c must be complied (and not executed, see doc), in case of the edit-ssh.sh use “chmod 755 edit-ssh.sh” to fix it.

  • I’m quite enjoying this.

    My only feedback would be to allow the server to be stopped by calling the binary with a kill-flag (like “-k”): Closing it from Activity Monitor, or passing it a ‘kill’ from Terminal is the only current way to stop the process, if it’s not in interactive mode.

  • @Steve: Sounds like a cool idea. I’ll add it. Thanks for the response.

  • I had to do a lot of fiddling to get this to work. Attempt 1 on my OSX 10.7 machine wouldn’t compile because the /usr/include/*.h files aren’t installed. (WTF? and yes, the developer tools *are* installed). Worked okay on a different machine running 10.6.

    Couldn’t get the remote function to work on my XServe, because it doesn’t have netcat. It also is configured to block *all* ssh environment variables, although that’s easy to fix.

    Couldn’t get the remote function to work on my Ubuntu server because echo defaults to NOT expanding slash escapes unless invoked with -e. I had to change the next to last line of edit-remote.sh to start with “/bin/echo -e -n “. I also had to remove the dollar signs at the top of that file from the lines that set ETB and EOT. I *think* those were the only changes required to get it to work.

  • @Dave:

    in order to compile it with Xcode you have to install the “Command Line Tools” from within Xcode (google on how to do it).

    When the dollar signs for ETB doesn’t work then you’re using a different shell to execute it. I had to change #!/bin/sh to bash to get it to work on some servers…

    But I’m glad that you got it working!

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