C64 Converter


We are working on a new and much better converter. Until that is ready to use, you can still user the old one.

Convert an PNG/GIF/JPEG to C64 FLI/KOALA (image must be 160×200 or 320×200)
Just select an image, press “Convert” and look/download the converted pictures.

For best results reduce the colors in your image to the 16 colors in this palette:
(Download by right-clicking)


Wir arbeiten an einem viel besseren Konverter. Aber solange der noch nicht bereit ist, kannst du weiterhin diesen benutzen.

Konvertiere ein PNG/GIF/JPEG in ein C64 FLI/KOALA (das Bild muss 160×200 oder 320×200 sein)
Einfach ein Bild auswählen, “Convert” drücken und das konvertierte Bild anschauen/downloaden.

For best results reduce the colors in your image to the 16 colors in this palette:
(Download by right-clicking)

10 Responses to “C64 Converter”

  • Hello!

    Great converter there! I made a handful of conversions, with good results.

    But I find that since you changed the page, I can’t download the converted files anymore. I mean, I can right-click on one of the 6 images, but if I choose “save image”, I only get a .png file, not a koala or whatever image.

    looking forward to the “even greater converter” you promised… keep rockin’. ;)

  • Hmh. Doesn’t seem to work any longer. The current version does not generate .kla files anymore.

  • Hello Hans, sorry for the late answer – it looks like I have overseen you comment. And now it’s fixed! The Pictures are linked to the fli/koala image.

  • Just what I was looking for, thanks for posting .

  • Excellent piece of work. I am doing something that requires a C64 style image (palette and dimensions) and was dreading having to do it from scratch in an emulator. You have saved me hours of work. Thank you very much.


    Edit: lol, can you believe I got the captcha wrong? Sheesh..

  • Hi!

    I just tried your converter but it seems not to work any longer. After clicking on convert nothing happens, I can’t see any converted picture to download…

  • Very cool tool! Thanks. It would be nice if we could save to Advanced Art Studio format. Also, have to play with the file names to make it work when I tranfer it to C64.

  • @Johnski: I’ve just testes it and it worked. Maybe your image war not in the correct size or format.

    @digitalman161: It seems that the Advances Art Studio is also a multicolor format – it should be possible to convert the koala images (the lower two) into it. I’m sorry for the scrambled file name.

  • Converter does not work here anymore either. Firefox.

  • @grustref: On my Firefox (and Chrome) it does run very well. Hmmm…. maybe you blocked the iframe or something like that?

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